Textile Industry

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Synthetic Lubricants For Textile Industry


Knittol SPL

Superior Lubricating Oil For Needles And Sinkers On Great Diameter Circular Knitting Machines

Knittol SPL is a specially developed knitting oil in a specific base product with complete wash off properties. The carefully selected base carrier with synthetic like properties gives economy and performance. It possesses improved properties of lubrication, dispersion, emulsion and washing off on advanced technology fibres.

Knittol ZX

100% Synthetic Knitting Lubricant

Knittol ZX  is special lubricating oil for needles and sinkers on great diameter circular knitting machines. It contains extreme pressure and antiwear additives which guarantee low wear even at highest speed of machine. Knittol ZX, has an excellent oxidation stability. It does not thickens or form viscous deposits load forming machines.


Autoconer Spray AC-400

Autoconer sprays are used for cleaning and lubrication of splicers, knotters and cutters. They ensure that fluff does not accumulate. We have formulated the product keeping in view the critical application. This product is widely accepted in the market and considered as the best product in the range. This formulation effectively cleans the surface and at the same time provides lubrication.

SG-630 Moly Spray

Molybdenum di-sulphide based semi dry lubricant for precision parts (cams & cam followers) in Autoconer machines.

Silicon Oil 1000

Special synthetic silicone based lubricant for Autoconer cradles and shock absorbers.

Selco Co-Contact Cleaner

It is used to clean optical sensory devices, which are manufactured by Uster Technologies India Pvt Ltd. During regular operation fluff & fly gets accumulated in the optical sensor giving wrong reading. So the dirt has to be removed from the optical devices. Our product has been approved by Uster Technologies.

Spindle Oil

SF-1100 Synthetic Spindle Oil

This is 100% Synthetic Spindle Oil which does not leave any carbonaceous residue and can be used on very high speed spindles RPM > 10,000. The main advantage is power savings which is confirmed by many Spinning Units.

SF-1100/48 SYN. Rotor bearing oil-lubricated

LR, M1 & M2 Elitex machine

With the use of our special lubricant the temperature will be maintained at around 115° F and will extend the life of Rotor bearing to 2 and 2½ years.

High RPM Grease

Sg-1410 Synthetic High Rpm Grease :

The Temperature is maintained around 114°F.  Our grease will save your energy of 1.5% compared to the more known international brands.

SPEED FRAME Lakshmi Rieter LF 1400

Our product SF-1100 for long collar and spindle will outlast any other conventional products and also increase the using intervals to more than 15-20 days.  No carbon residue is observed.

Draw Frame

SG-1370 Synthetic high Temperature grease for DRAW FRAME TOP ROLLER END BUSH BEARING:



Our product SG-1370 keeps the temperature less than 155°F and as compared to other brands normal life of 10 days.  Our SG-1370 would last up to 25 days.

SPINOL XL -Antistatic, Yarn Lubricant :

The main area of use of Spinol XL is in TFO twisting of blended yarns with polyester or acrylic. Spinol XL has to be used undiluted, wool/polyester blends need 1% cotton or rayon/polyester blends 1.5 to 2%.  On acrylic yarns 1.5 to 2% should be applied.


Projectile Lubricant

SF-350 SULZER PROJECTILE LUBRICANT – By the use of conventional petroleum based products being used at present for projectile, carbon deposits are seen which are passed on to the cloth as “GUIDE TOOTH MARKS”. These stains /marks are not removed in normal scouring process and can be seen under ultra violet light. With the use of SF-350 “guide tooth marks” are totally eliminated.

SF-400 Synthetic Gear Oil (S H C) 75w90

Actual tests show that SF-400 Series can withstand 30% higher loads than petroleum gear oils. The superior anti-wear and extreme pressure properties of the synthetic base material of these lubricants are enhanced by proprietary additives to ensure low wear rates. The cold temperature flow properties of SF-400 Series offer advantages in startup of critical equipment. When compared to an SAE 90 weight petroleum gear oil it reduced torque requirement for cold weather start-up an amazing 36%.


Our products are recommended by all the original Stenter machine manufacturers in India namely, SLM MANEKLAL, PRIMATEX MACHINERY MANUFACTURER, S. M. ENERGY TECHNIK & ELECTRONICS LTD., HARISH TEXTILE ENGINEERS LTD AND S. M. INDUSTRIES LTD., have exclusively recommend the use of our products.

High Temperature Stenter Chain Oil

SF-600 Synthetic High Temperature Chain Lubricant-This is 100% Synthetic lubricant which can operate upto 280°C with minimum evaporation losses, and it does not form carbonaceous deposits.

E P Moly Grease for Blower Fan Bearings

SG-460 Synthetic EP Moly Grease -This is 100% synthetic grease and is recommended for use by all stenter manufacturers in exhaust fan bearings operating in high temperatures. Its main characteristic being its non-melting nature, which means that, the product does not drip or form a cake.

Dry Film Lubricant for width adjustment screws.

SG-600 Dry Film Lubricants-This product is recommended for stenter width adjusting screws. It is fast drying and can withstand very high temperatures.

Long Term Grease for Montex Stenter Machine

SG-6600 is especially developed long term lubricant for bearings in critically high temperature condition. Recommended for long term lubrication of Montex Stenter Bearings. SG-6600 is a Synthetic Grease with Synthetic Base Oil with PTFE (Teflon). It efficiently performs in extreme pressure and tolerant to high temperature, water vapours, etc.

Water Resistant Grease

SG-440 is a premium quality multi-purpose polyalkalyne glycol (PAG) base lithium soap grease it is with other additives to impart corrosion protection and oxidation stability to the product. PAG being exceedingly water repellent, imparts an excellent water resistant quality to this grease. This grease also offers excellent resistance to petroleum products.

Maintenance Applications

Water Resistant Grease

SG-440: Any application where lubrication is required in water environment, wheel bearings, electric motor bearings, water pumps, ball joints,  track rollers, etc.

Cleaning, Rust Loosening Products

SELCO 56 is a universal maintenance product for all electric and electronic equipment : displaces and seals out moisture, protects against corrosion and oxidation and lubricates, penetrates and cleans, at the same time.

Corrosion Protection

SELCO 57 ANTI-CORROSION,  consists of a multiple organic inhibitor system in a paraffinic oil base that prevents rust and corrosion by displacing and sealing out moisture and by forming a continuous protection barrier against water and oxygen. It penetrates and lubricates.

Electrical Contact Cleaning Aerosol

SELCO CO CONTACT CLEANER PRECISION CLEANING SOLVENT FOR ELECTRONICS is a mild, stable and inert cleaner, meant to clean highly sensitive electronic precision equipment. It is used for removal of light contaminants, dust, lint, moisture, atmospheric or light oils.

Heavy Duty Gear box Oil

SF-400 series contain a combination of the latest technical advances in both Poly Alpha Olefins (SHC) base stocks and complex additive systems to insure long lasting superior protection. The superior oxidation stability of SF-400 Series gear lubricants allows longer intervals between oil changes. The thermal stability of these lubricants provides protection at elevated temperature levels were most petroleum oils fail.

Heavy Duty Compressor Oils

SF-500 is a synthetic fluid designed to meet the needs of rotary and reciprocating industrial compressors. The product exhibits excellent high temperature properties coupled closely with outstanding oxidation resistance.

Wire Rope Lubricant

SG – 225 WIRE ROPE LUBRICANT (QWIK-DRY) represents a major technological development in lubricating and protecting wire rope. This product is formulated to penetrate to the core and then dries to the touch in 3-4 minutes. SG-225 provides positive lubrication and positive rust protection without the usual cumbersome problems of application. Once applied it forms an elastic coating, enabling the surfaces to remain free of dirt and other contaminates

Open Gear Lubricant

Once applied, SG-250 (QWIK-SET) rapidly covers all areas with a liquid lubricant film. After a brief time the “carrier” evaporates leaving a residual tough tenacious coating which insures positive lubrication

These and various other products may be of interest to you. We will be happy to meet with you and to answer any further queries regarding your specialized lubrication needs.

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