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SF-600 ESTER 32 & above -30 TO 300 C SF-600 is excellent for tenter frame ovens, ceramics production, bakery
ovens and glass production. It is equally recommended for paint curing
ovens, paper manufacturing, plywood production and can also be used
as a bearing lubricant in high temperature environments. 
SF-610 PAG 120  TO 460 -30 TO 290 C The lubrication of conveyor chains operating at high temperatures
in the stoving sector frequently causes painting problems if the
chain oil contaminates the paint or the components. By the use of paint-friendly, high temperature chain oil, these problems can be avoided or, at least, reduced.
SF-620 ESTER/MOLY  32 & above -30 TO 500 C SF-620 is a high temperature lubricant which has been specifically formulated with synthetic base stocks having unusually high temperature lubricating capability fortified with Molybdenum Di-sulphide, it provides dual lubrication. Fluid lubrication upto 300° C and dry lubrication upto > 500 ° C.
SF-630 PAO 15 & above -30 TO 260 C SF-630 is a fully synthetic high-temperature fluid containing state-of-the-art synthetic additives blended with a stable, long-chain 100% synthetic base stock of the highest purity. For high temperature applications that require low rate of evaporation.
SF-330 PAO 22 & above -30 TO 260 C The product meets requirements of USDA H1* 21 CFR. (Registered by NSF (Class H1) for use where there is potential for incidental contact with food.