Hydraulic Fluids

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Product Code Description VISCOSITY GRADES TEMP RANGE Applications
SF-310 Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid 32, 46, 68 -53 For hydraulic systems, pumps, motors, circulating systems, and general plant utility.
SF-330 SYNTHETIC FOOD GRADE OIL The product meets requirements of USDA H1* 21 CFR (NSF Registration No.132479) 32, 46, 68, 150, 220, 320, 450 -20 The product is approved by NSF International as H1 grade Lubricant. PAO (SHC) Base
SF-340 Compressor Polyglycol Lubricant 150 -32 A fully formulated synthetic lubricant specially designed for use in highly rated Industrial Compressors. PAG Base
SF-350 Sulzer Projectile
122, 160, 236 -42 Absence of Guide Teeth Roll Marks. PAG Base